Email a random Russian about the war in Ukraine

Many in Russia continue to support dictator Putin because they only know the “facts” from state propaganda.

Use this site to let them know what’s really going on. We've collected more than a million Russian email addresses just for that.

  1. Click "Send this to Russia" to open the ready-to-send email in your mail client or service.
  2. Send the email as you normally do. (You may want to add your name to the end.)
  3. Rinse, repeat. 5-10 emails works best.

How does it work?

PravdaMail lets you send a pre-written message about the war in Ukraine to a random email address in Russia.

We've collected more than a million Russian addresses and pre-written several email content versions. All you need to do is to click on "Send this to Russia" and have the ready-to-send email pop open in your email client or webmail service.

If you don't like the email we've pre-written for you, just click on the "Choose a different text" button and a new one will be suggested.

There is no limit to how many emails you can send. 5-10 is a reasonable number but feel free to send more.

PravdaMail sends email via the email services of its users. This way emails have a higher likelihood to reach the intended recipients.

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Who are the recipients?

They are all common Russians who have shared their addresses on the Interwebs.

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Is it all legal?

It’s an order of magnitude more legal than invading another country.

Is Putin a war criminal?


The truth is sometimes hard to believe. But at least there is a chance when we tell it.
#westandwithukraine 💙💛

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Russian army is great
русская армия велика
… at killing kids.

Recently, Russian army attacked a shopping mall, many residential buildings and a sanatorium in Ukraine. President Putin claims that no civilian targets are bombed but this is a lie.

Ukrainian kids are dying, Ukrainian soldiers are dying and even more Russian soldiers are dying. Russia is losing friends around the world.

This is just a little piece of truth from a stranger. If you’d like to know more, visit sites like

Maybe time to stop this madness?
… при убийстве детей.

Недавно российская армия атаковала торговый центр, множество жилых домов и санаторий в Украине. Президент Путин утверждает, что никакие гражданские цели не бомбятся, но это ложь.

Гибнут украинские дети, гибнут украинские солдаты и еще больше гибнут российские солдаты. Россия теряет друзей по всему миру.

Это всего лишь маленькая часть правды от незнакомца. Если вы хотите узнать больше, посетите такие сайты, как

Может пора прекратить это безумие?