Email a random Russian about the war in Ukraine

Many in Russia continue to support dictator Putin because they only know the “facts” from state propaganda.

Use this site to let them know what’s really going on. We've collected more than a million Russian email addresses just for that.

  1. Click "Send this to Russia" to open the ready-to-send email in your mail client or service.
  2. Send the email as you normally do. (You may want to add your name to the end.)
  3. Rinse, repeat. 5-10 emails works best.

How does it work?

PravdaMail lets you send a pre-written message about the war in Ukraine to a random email address in Russia.

We've collected more than a million Russian addresses and pre-written several email content versions. All you need to do is to click on "Send this to Russia" and have the ready-to-send email pop open in your email client or webmail service.

If you don't like the email we've pre-written for you, just click on the "Choose a different text" button and a new one will be suggested.

There is no limit to how many emails you can send. 5-10 is a reasonable number but feel free to send more.

PravdaMail sends email via the email services of its users. This way emails have a higher likelihood to reach the intended recipients.

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Who are the recipients?

They are all common Russians who have shared their addresses on the Interwebs.

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Is it all legal?

It’s an order of magnitude more legal than invading another country.

Is Putin a war criminal?


The truth is sometimes hard to believe. But at least there is a chance when we tell it.
#westandwithukraine 💙💛

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To 🇷🇺 [email protected]
Your president is lying
Ваш президент врёт
We know that you are good people who want to live in peace and see your children grow up happy, healthy and caring for others.

But we also know that there is no free press in Russia and you are being fed lies about the war in Ukraine every day.

Therefore, you may not know that thousands of innocent people, including women and children, are being massacred. Or that Russian troops withdrew from Kyiv, leaving evidence of the executions of many civilians.

Please believe that this war started by Vladimir Putin is illegal and has already been condemned by 141 countries of the world. Your president is lying when he says that Ukraine is a threat to Russia and is full of Nazis.

If you cannot or do not want to believe what we write, then please at least ask yourself the questions that should be lurking in your soul. Why did your president silence the free press? Who benefits from this war?

We are sure that you, like us, do not want people to die, for children to grow up as orphans, for families to be torn apart.

We call on you to be on the side of friendship between peoples.
Мы знаем, что вы хорошие люди, которые хотят жить в мире и видеть, как ваши дети растут счастливыми, здоровыми и заботятся о других.

Но мы также знаем, что в России нет свободной прессы, и вас ежедневно кормят ложью о войне в Украине.

Поэтому вы можете не знать, что тысячи невинных людей, включая женщин и детей, подвергаются резне. Или что российские войска ушли из Киева, оставив свидетельства казней многих гражданских лиц.

Пожалуйста, поверьте, что эта война, начатая Владимиром Путиным, незаконна, и её осудила уже 141 страна мира. Ваш президент врёт, когда говорит, что Украина представляет угрозу для России и полна нацистов.

Если вы не можете или не хотите верить тому, что мы пишем, тогда, пожалуйста, хотя бы задайте себе вопросы, которые должны таиться в вашей душе. Почему ваш президент заставил замолчать свободную прессу? Кому выгодна эта война?

Мы уверены, что вы, как и мы, не хотите, чтобы гибли люди, чтобы дети росли сиротами, чтобы семьи разрывались на части.

Мы призываем вас быть на стороне дружбы между народами.

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